Install WOA with WoaDeployer

This tool will help you install WOA easily, and choose your own build to use.


Bricks can happen

This guide is an explaination of the correct steps to follow. Errors may still happen, both caused by the user or by unpredictable conditions on your work machine. We're not resposible for any data loss, soft bricks or permanent damage on the device.



  • Lumia 950 (Talkman) or Lumia 950 XL (Cityman)
  • A Windows PC
  • A cable to connect the phone to the PC

The phone bootloader must be unlocked. If you haven't done that already, please do that from here.


Vectorial phone with a deploy symbol

Before starting...

You'll need to extract your ICan0 value from an older build than 18363. If you already have it, then feel free to ignore this box.

If you don't have it, deploy build 18363 or anything earlier using this same guide or the FFU flashing guide, follow this other guide, then come back here and deploy the build of your choice.

Read everything before starting!

When you're done, don't forget to restore the ICan0 value!

Entering Mass Storage Mode

To start, you will need to switch to Mass Storage Mode on your phone. Here are the steps needed in WPInternals:

Make sure any other tool is closed, then open WPInternals and plug your phone to your PC. You now have two options:

Option A) If you currently have booted into Windows Phone, go to the “Manual mode” tab and choose “Switch to Mass-Storage-mode”.

WPInternals page for mode selection

Option B) If you don’t have access to Windows Phone or if your phone is not detected, go to the “Manual mode” tab, and click “interrupt the boot-process”. Then do a soft reboot on your phone: Keep holding the volume – and power button at the same time until your phone shuts down and vibrates. WPInternals should now detect your phone, and you’ll be able to choose “Switch to Mass-Storage-mode” in the “Manual mode” tab.

WPInternals is looking for the phone

Wait until WPInternals reports that your phone is now in Mass Storage Mode. Now CLOSE WPInternals. It needs to be closed, or the next steps will fail for sure. This is important, so don’t leave it running.

Using WoaDeployer

Open WoaDeployer, you will get this page.

Read it, then press OK.

WoaDeployer welcome page

This is the WoaDeployer interface. Press on "Browse..."

WoaDeployer first screen

Choose your previously extracted install.wim file.

choosing the wim file to flash

Go to the advanced tab.

Here, choose that you want to Keep Windows 10 Mobile (so that you will be able to use Dual Boot later).

Choose this carefully now, because you'll have to start from scratch if you change your mind!

When you're done, go back to the Deployment tab.

WoaDeployer advanced page

When you feel ready, press the big "Deploy" button.

WoaDeployer is ready to deploy

Let it work and you will get to a page with the latest changelog. Read it! Then press "Close" to continue the installation.

WoaDeployer will keep downloading things and then start the installation all by itself. Let it work. You might see some notifications from Windows popping up about new devices being detected, ignore them.

WoaDeployer showing the latest changelog

At some point you will be prompted to switch again to Mass Storage Mode, this time using the Developer Menu that just got installed to your phone.

Read the screen, and follow the instructions as they're reported. If you follow the steps correctly, at the end you'll read "UEFI Mass Storage" and "Connected" on your phone screen.

Click "Continue" on WoaDeployer.

WoaDeployer asks to reboot to Mass Storage Mode

While you wait on this step, you might as well want to grab a cup of coffee ☕ or tea 🍵, depending on your preferences.

WoaDeployer is deploying Windows

When that step is done, it will inject the drivers. Let it work...

WoaDeployer is injecting drivers

...and we're done! Follow the steps that show up, and enjoy!

Reminder: If you've choosen to keep Windows 10 Mobile and want dual boot, don’t forget to enable it following this guide!

WoaDeployer just completed the process