Flash a premade WOA FFU

This is a fast, but manual way to install WOA on your Lumia


Bricks can happen

This guide is an explaination of the correct steps to follow. Errors may still happen, both caused by the user or by unpredictable conditions on your work machine. We're not resposible for any data loss, soft bricks or permanent damage on the device.



  • Lumia 950 (Talkman) or Lumia 950 XL (Cityman)
  • A Windows PC
  • A cable to connect the phone to the PC

The phone bootloader must be unlocked. If you haven't done that already, please do that from here.


Vectorial phone with an lightning symbol

Entering Flash Mode

Enter flash mode on your phone. Here are the steps needed in WPInternals:

Make sure any other tool is closed, then open WPInternals and plug your phone to your PC. You now have two options:

Option A) If you currently have booted into Windows Phone, go to the “Manual mode” tab and choose “Switch to Flash-mode”.

The WPInternals tool Welcome Page

Option B) If you don’t have access to Windows Phone or if your phone is not detected, go to the “Manual mode” tab, and click “interrupt the boot-process”. Then do a soft reboot on your phone: Keep holding the volume – and power button at the same time until your phone shuts down and vibrates. WPInternals should now detect your phone, and you should already be in flash mode. If you aren't you will be able to choose “Switch to Flash-mode” in the “Manual mode” tab.

WPInternals page for phone detection

Now CLOSE WPInternals. It needs to be closed, or the next steps will fail for sure. This is important, so don’t leave it running.

Flashing the FFU file

Navigate to

[Your drive letter]:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool

If you don’t have these folders, you’ll need to download and install Windows Device Recovery Tool. Once you open that folder, click into the address bar, write “cmd” and press enter.

Opening a terminal window

You’ll get a terminal window, and it will look something like this:

the terminal/cmd window open

Now run this command, replacing “path_to_your_ffu” with the path to the ffu you’ve downloaded:

thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile path_to_your_ffu.ffu -erase_data

In my case, it looks like this:

the first cmd command

Press enter on your keyboard, your phone will turn red, a progress bar will appear, and things will start to get done automatically. Wait until the percentages output on the cmd window reach 100 and your phone screen will turn green. Now run this second command:

thor2 -mode rnd -reboot

Like this: Press enter, and you'll boot right into Windows on ARM.

the second and last cmd command